MP Vethi Nyenze’s Top Defender hon IKONGE goes Berserk


TCD correspondent

MP Vethi Nyenze’s Defender hon IKONGE goes Berserk With Madoadoa Remarks Prompting leaders to call him out

Controversial Kitui politician Mr Ikonge and self proclaimed disciple of Kitui west Member of Parliament Hon Vethi Nyenze on Saturday went berserk with Incitiful remarks that forced leaders to call him out.

In a popular kitui west forum dubbed kitui West leaders forum (KWELF), the comments by Hon Ikonge comes a time when the government is Tracking down Leaders with loose tongue ahead of August general election.

The politician had alleged Kitui Governor Ngilu is among leaders who are not an indigenous residents of kitui county, the sentiments did not go down well with majority of the members.

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Ikonge Wrote: Hii ni Madoadoa talk…ngilu has shown us openly yeye ametoka machakos makueni mbooni.She has no regard for the original owners of kitui county…Athaisu.

When Mp charles mutisya nyamai became kitui west mp…for five years ..he never stepped in matinyani and mutonguni divisions…but he could avail himself clandestinely on the belt in kitui west settled by immigrants from wamunyu,mwala, mbiuni etc….he had no regard for real original owners of kitui west….
….who wants us to bury our heads in the sand as if we are not there…we are going to tell our people the truth…kambas wa kitui wanaitwa Athaisu…na kambas wa machakos,mbooni and makueni wanaitwa Malela ama Masavi…and that’s our ancestry.

The Comment did not go down well, it prompted members of the forum to call him out and pleaded with him to respect other leaders and stop sowing seeds that can turn the constituency into chaos.

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Mr Ikonge with Kitui West Mp hon vet nyenze during the recent constituency forum.

A member wrote, Mp Nyenze should reign over her supporters who are making reckless statements on social media that can turn the constituency into chaos.

Another member wrote: “I have tried avoiding commenting on this cheap divisive politics from some of our younger brothers, but when the older ones begin making some warlike assertions, we leaders need to rise and call them out”.


That said, I pray some of you can wake up to the present realities. A big majority of Kituians no longer profess to even practice these stupid clan supremacy wars. And for your information profiling people is the epitome of foolishness.

Lastly, no clan feels intimidated by any other, only FAILED individuals want to create chaos amongst peaceful communities.

It’s a big pity that when other leaders are discussing national issues some of our leaders are here demonizing certain clans.