Mp Nyamai Visits Farms destroyed by Wildlife in Kanziku, Calls for Compensation



    On Sunday 13th December 2020- Kitui South MP, Hon Dr Rachael Kaki Nyamai toured Kasaala and Kanziku Wards to inspect the extensive damage caused by wildlife/human conflict, local media reports said.

    Kaki toured the areas affected by marauding wild animals from Tsavo East National Park. The profilic Jubilee legislator also visited an homestead at Kassala village where a lion had mauled a bull, three sheep and a goat.

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    At Kasala, pensive Dr Nyamai listened as another family at Kasala narrated how the same lion had killed two donkeys, leaving them destitute, COUNTY DAIRY established.

    During the whirlwind tour, Kaki proceeded to Simisi/Kanziku Wards where a total number of 13 elephants has destroyed and trampled on shambas laying to waste acres of plants such as maize, millet, mango trees pawpaw trees, cassava, orange trees etc.

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    The legislator called upon the KWS to intervene and compensate the affected families, she promised to seek audience with CS for Tourism Hon Balala and govt officials in charge of wildlife to intervene and mitigate the on-going havoc.