Mp Nyamai Secures additional 500M for Kitui Kibwezi Road compensation



The people who have been crying unto the Government for the Compensation after the construction of kitui kibwezi road have something to be proud of at last.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has heard the cries of the people along this road and ordered funds to be reallocated to them from NLC projects. Mp Nyamai revealed.

Mp Nyamai Secures an additional 500M allocation for Kitui Kibwezi Road compensation.

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Kitui South Member of Parliament Hon Dr Rachael Kaki Nyamai has successfully secured an additional 500M allocation for Kitui Kibwezi road compensation, the COUNTY DIARY can authoritatively report.

Speaking exclusively with TCD editor, Dr Rachael Nyamai said, the concerted efforts by Members of Parliament from kitui have made it possible, thanks to the Intervention and the listening President Uhuru Kenyatta, Dr Nyamai added.

“The promise that they made one month ago to the departmental committee of lands at the National Assembly has been fulfilled,” Mp said.

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The Gershom Otachi Bw’Omanwa led commission committee on the national land commission approved an additional 500 million compensation for the people who have been waiting for the compensation after the completion of Mutomo, Ikanga, Athi that falls along kibwezi -kitui Road.

Dr Nyamai together with other kitui members of Parliament has tirelessly been pushing for the complete disbursement to compensate people of kitui whose buildings were affected by the Construction of the highway road.

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The logistic for disbursement is being handled by the relevant ministries – very soon the money will land in the accounts of the intended beneficiaries.

Dr Nyamai has expressed her gratitude and appropriation toward President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka and members of Parliament from kitui for working closely toward the compensation of kitui kibwezi road beneficiaries.