MP Nimrod Mbai defends Kalelo from Mudslingers


Mbai in Fierce Defence of James Kalelo

It’s the Devil’s Work, MP Mbai Rubbishes anti-Kalelo Propaganda

By Joseph Mumandu

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai on Tuesday dismissed claims appearing on social media that he had bribed James Kalelo to back down from contesting Kitui East MP seat in 2022.

Mbai posted at a popular WhatsApp group called Kitui professional Chat that allegations he paid Kalelo sh2.3 million as “the work of the Devil”, ” Shetani ashindwe” cursed the MP in a post at Kitui Professional Chat adding that he had not set foot in a bar as alleged by Kalelo’s detractors.

The smear campaign clearly orchestrated by forces scared of Kalelo entry into Kitui politics claimed that the MP had bragged in a bar that he had purchased him.”I have never entered a bar in the last 18 years. Shetani ashindwe,” wrote MP Mbai.

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The post received massive criticism in social media networks as baseless, inaccurate and malicious propaganda.

While Kalelo hails from Chuluni Ward where he has political ambitions, the propagandists indicated he comes from Nzambani Ward either by sheer folly or delibrately sought to cause confusion.

“This guy doesn’t know who Nimrod is! Hajui you’re a son of an elder of Presbyterian Church and the Chairman of Presbyterian Church Men’s Fellowship Ngong Parish,” said Derrick Geziman, a youth leader and a social media Icon in Kitui County.

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“Sometime andu ni mavitasya masavu. Of whose advantage/disadvantage would be an exit of someone who comes from Nzambani exit be? I think you need to verify your posts,” said veritable politician and commentator Katee.

Another commentator Ndoo Malombe argued it would be a boon for MP Mbai to get an additional competitor from the Nzambani sub county which is massively anti-Mbai.

Wrong analysis
Muisimiwa Nimuloti would have prayed, Kalelo be on the MP ballot. It would have worked better for him, to politically divide the larger Nzambani and chuluni votes.
Now you know…,” reacted political analyst Ndoo Malombe dismissing the propaganda. Malombe is an eloquent sharp eyed commentator on Kitui East politics.

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Kalelo entry sends Chuluni politicians into political shudders

According to multiple Sources from the grapevine, the said the propaganda against James Kalelo was funded by a chuluni political mafia who is scared like a crow that Kalelo’s entry would spell doom to the political careers of the aspiring leaders in the hilly ward.

The County diary has established that reports of Kalelo entry into the Chuluni Ward politics has escalated political heats in the constituency.