Mp Nimrod Mbai Attacks Governor Ngilu again



Kitui east Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai has accused kitui Governor Ngilu for continued attacks on deputy President Dr William Ruto.

Stop attacking deputy President Dr William to please ODM Leader Raila Odinga – Kitui east Mp hon Nimrod Mbai Tells Governor Ngilu.

Taking to his social media sites, Hon Mbai said, “It’s funny how Governor Charity Ngilu cannot deliver on her pledges to the people of Kitui and she is busy trying to please Raila Odinga buy attacking William Ruto”.

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H.E Charity Ngilu:

1. No ICU Bed in Kitui Referral hospital( no single Covid 19 patient has ever gone in there and come out alive)

2. Cues of Jericans of water/ women and Children/ Livestock on the only boreholes done by the former Governor is the most common thing in Kitui County. Wananchi cueing for water overnight ( 24/7)

3. No medicine in all the local dispensaries, no one has ever had a snake bite and survived since you became Governor.

4. Ndengu Revolution, Modern Beehives, Kicotec, Kchic, Crusher, Kasia wa Kasia, are all ideas on blue prints and nothing to show on the ground.

Mama, the people of Kitui needs services, we don’t care about who said what to who in Nairobi. We never elected you to please Raila but to serve our people.

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Ukuu ndyunenge kindu kyakwa, age may be a Burden

Mp Mbai posted on his social media sites.