Mp Nguna’s Score Card Jolts Mwingi West Politics



The citizens of mwingi west have continued pour accolades to Mp Charles Nguna’s stunning three year score card as the Mwingi West Constituency Member of National Assembly Representative.

According to the Mr Mp Nguna has expressed his graditudes to the people of mwingi west, he Wrote, “I am humbled and thrilled by your support for the time I have been in office, something I cannot take for granted”, Nguna wrote.

It is through your immense love and support that I have continued to deliver my manifesto.


I have managed to transform;
1️⃣ Education sector-through building and renovation of schools which will provide conducive environment for learning

i) Classrooms constructed – 41
ii) Classrooms renovated- 83
iii) Science laboratories constructed – 11
iv) Dormitories constructed- 9
v) Admnistration blocks constructed – 11
vi) Toilets constructed – 37
vi) Buses bought- 1
vii) Dining hall’s constructed-7
vii) Desks and chairs
Also have completed equiping three ICT hubs which is very significant in the changing world to one global village.
i)Nguutani ACC office
ii)Migwani youth
ii)Kiomo ACC office.

Have also started constructing new secondary schools and so far we are doing;
i) Karura secondary school
ii) Misai secondary School
iii)Thaan Nzau secondary School

Bursary-Have also continued to support the needy and orphans to undergo their education without much strain through issuance of bursaries each financial year since I became an MP something that has helped many complete their 8-4-4 system.
2017/18 – 24,685,344/=
2018/19 – 32,164,306/=
2019/20 – 40,095,233/=


2️⃣ Security- By building new Ap lines-8
Chief’s offices-7
ACC 2 offices and residential houses & new police posts.
DCC office in migwani (headquarters) is now completed. Through collaboration with the national government.This will boost the morale of security agencies and make their service dispensation to our people very easy.


3️⃣ Environment conservation-Each year I have rolled out tree planting to our public places, schools, churches and in water catchment areas which will transform our environment which was on the verge of desertification.
4️⃣ Women and Youth empowerment- Through Uwezo fund,60 women and youth groups have been funded so far, in addition an extra 65 groups will be funded (November 2020),this has enhanced the economic profitability of our youth and women across MW, in a few months More groups will be funded.
Youth employment- 57 youths placed in different permanent jobs through my direct influence, have also employed 30 youths in my office.

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5️⃣ Water and agriculture- Even though water is a devolved function, I have managed to lobby for water pans which have been a game changer to water issues in MW, a pilot project was carried out in Itoloni location whereby more than 300 waterpans were dug.Constituents have started agricultural related activities, more waterpans are now being done in Nzatani and Nzeluni areas.
I have also managed to do dams like mukuuni dam in kanguutheni, katuyu, and more dams will be done in few months to come.
More sand dams have been done through cdf, In cooperation with African Sand Dam which was meant to work in makueni but through my influence in move them to Mwingi West are now doing 50 big sand dams across the constituency.


6️⃣ Infrastructure-Through my lobbying, kanginga-Kanyonyoo road is already being recarpeted, migwani-mbondoni road which is historic will be completed, Mwingi-Nzeluni-kwa nzulwa road is already being upgraded to low volume seal through combined lobbying with my Mwingi central counterpart.
-Have also managed open up 11 different roads across our constituency through KERRA.
i)Kwasiku -Thitani -Kyusyani -thaana nzau road
ii)Mumbuni- mwanzilu road
iv)Kaunduani- Kyamboo -kithaunini road
v)Mberia- Kakululo -nzawa road
vi)Kyusyani- kyangungi
vii) kanginga- mulilulini -kyongweni road
viii)Kairungu -Kakongo- kiroboko road
x)Kiomo -kwa munyanzu -Kairungu road
xi)Kavaini -winzyeei -kyusyani
xii) Nzeluni- mwanzilu road
-Have also constructed numerus drifts as following
i) Kwa luli drift
ii) Mwanzilu-ikoo slab

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7️⃣ Sports- Through Nguna cup which since inception has costed over 12.8M, several youths have joined professional football, Di maria is a good example. We have also had several players tried in different soccer academies with Jimmy Mwende currently playing for Tusker Youth. Nguna cup promotes local economies and social interactions amongst MW people,.It is also a source of entertainment to many.
Have also donated over 360 pairs of uniforms and over 400 balls to different teams.


8️⃣ Social Development-I have continued supporting the society in their social affairs ranging from churches( have supported churches in kind irrespective of the denomination in fundraisings for different activities).
-Have also been mourning with the bereaved irregardless of their social status and supporting other social events in my constituency
-Now persons above 70yrs of age are getting monthly stipends through Inua Jamii cash transfer Program with 3062 beneficiaries currently
-Due to the early teenage pregnancies have initiated a program under slogan #REALTALK with professional counselors who are touring the entire constituency with the aim of teaching and counseling our young girls and also providing them with sanitary towels, soaps, panties and socks.This will transform our community by eradicating early pregnancies amongst our girls and school dropouts due to the same.
-Have donated over 300 water tanks across all the towns of Mwingi west to help in washing of hands in the joint fight against COVID-19 and also continually been giving masks to help curb the spread of the virus.
– In support of our youths majorly who operate bodaboda, have issued them reflective jackets, bought several motorcycles and constructed 8 bodaboda shades through kind donations to help ease their work.


9️⃣ Electricity- This has been the biggest challenge in the entire constituency, from unending blackouts, faulty transformers and unresponsive kplc staff something have been fighting in the floor if the house and now at the ministry of energy. An amicable solution will be sought once and for all.Neverthless we have managed to connect more than 818 homesteads to the National grid, an additional 6,305 homesteads will be connected by 2023 as per kplc work plan and budget. Have also lobbied for installed of 10 transformers so far
Also, migwani town is going to have street lights all the way from police station- migwani Aic- Migwani boys secondary school which I lobbied from Kenya power.This will enhance local business and boost security within the subcounty headquarters.

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🔟 Legislation and representation- As one of my primary roles as an MP, have relentlessly been the voice of the people of Mwingi west in parliament,have continually participated in motions and debates, spoken 117 times in the house, made numerous statements and asked 16 questions which have been critical in solving some of the challenges the people of MW are facing especially electricity
– In the last three years have represented kenya in East Africa Parliamentary Games in Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda where have bagged in 12 gold medals in 200M, 400M and relays.

I pray for unity and love across our constituency and together we will achieve more.
For the remaining time, I will bring my manifesto into reality.

It is my wish that Mwingi West will be a benchmarking place to other constituencies in matters development. I am certain that through your support and love, we will scale the heights of development.

Lastly,please remember that COVID_19 is still here with us and we ought to keep observing all precautionary measures to win this pandemic.
Thanks Mwingi West constituents for your love and unimaginable support.