Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna has halted the illegal sand harvesting in kiromboko, in Bodoni until the adequate plans are put in place by the county government of kitui.

According to the information from kiromboko Community, a section of brokers have been selling sands, the move forced the Hon Charles nguna to halt the selling of sands in his constituency terming it, “fishy dealings”.

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As far as the county government records are concerns, Kitui Sandbank was presumed to be In Kanyonyoo, but the way it was Swiveled to Bondoni begs More questions than answers.

It is alleged sand brokers has been engaging on selling the sand without the involvement of county government or vice vasa, “the Government Must move to dismantle these cartels from Kitui west, an official who did not want to be quoted said.

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According to the director in the department of the county Revenue, he said, Desilting of Kiambere dam was authorized by the cabinet, upon request by TARDA thru MENR.

It’s open to everyone who meets conditions set by Minster of environment and natural resources. There is a community committee to oversee the welfare of the community

The Minister of natural resources hon Patric Koki, speaking on local radio reaffirmed that sand in devolved function and the county government is not selling sands, those people who are selling sand in the behest of county government should be prosecuted.

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We shall name those who are involved in our next Publication.