Mp Nguna, Mp Malili & Kuvasila In a Joint Meeting Over Controversial Kiroboko Sand


On Monday 17th, August 2020 the leaders drawn from Mwingi Joint had Community meeting at
Kiromboko Sand Harvesting Zone, Tyaa River Mumoni/Kiomo Kyethani Wards. Mwingi North and Mwingi West Sub County.

Kitui County Ag. Minister for Environment and Natural Resources together with leaders agreed to solve Sand Harvesting Impasse at Kiromboko site in lower Tyaa River/Kiambere Dam.

The Meeting was attended by Mwingi North MP Hon Eng. Paul Musyimi Nzengu a.k.a Malili, Mwingi West MP Hon Charles Ngusya Nguna a.k.a CNN, MCA Hon Johnson Kanandu, Kimmo/Kyethani MCA Hon James Musyoka and Kyome/Thaana MCA Hon Alex Wambua among others.

The leaders led the citizens of the region for public participation of Kiromboko Sand and what is expected of them and the government.

The County Minister thanked the area residents of the two Sub-Counties for being vigilant and united on matters of their rights in terms of sand harvesting at Kiromboko Sand Zone.

He assured them of full support from the County Government of Kitui adding that all the connecting feeder roads to Kiromboko will be graded by the County Government. He also promised to have a public toilet constructed at Kiromboko sand harvesting site soonest possible.

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He further assured the residents that an MOU of today’s public participation resolutions is going to be written and get signed soonest possible so that the sand harvesting exercise at Kiromboko can continue to improve the livelihoods of residents within that region urging them to remain united for their own benefits to reap from the sand adding that the lorries will be loaded by residents from Kiromboko and not heavy machine loaders.

He further insisted on the accountability of all the monies which are being collected by various registered groups which have formed CBO’S controlling the sand harvesting at Kiromboko and asked the Members of Kitui County Assembly to fast track passing the Finance bill on sand harvesting cess rates by investors for the benefit of our local people. He issued face masks to the people present on behalf of Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

On their part, the both MP’s for Mwingi North and Mwingi West Sub-Counties jointly said that their concerns were for the grievances of the electorate to be fully addressed by both the County Government and the Investors which was done.

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Both leaders said that they just wanted peace and a harmonious working environment amongst the investors, community and County Government of Kitui as the overseer of the sand.

They asked for County Government to fast track the signing of an MOU and the NEMA regulations to be observed so that the harvesting exercise can continue and help improve the livelihoods of the residents within that region. They further asked the county Government to have all the feeder roads connecting to Kiromboko be fully graded and be watered periodically by the Investors as they exercise the CSR to the locals.

It was unanimously agreed by all the present participants that the sand harvesting exercise is going to continue after the MOU is signed soonest possible and that all the groups/CBO’s are going to work peacefully with the investors exercising the CSR role to the community.

Others present at the event were the Mumoni Deputy County Commissioner Madam Hellen Chege accompanied by the entire administration and security details of all the Sub-Counties neighbouring Kiromboko, Sub-County Administrators of both sub-counties among others.