MP Nguna Lauds Uhuru As 34Km Mbondoni-Migwani Road Tarmacking Gets Underway


34Km Mbondoni Migwani ROAD to be Tarmacked as Kitui Residents Laud President Uhuru Kenyatta


Ukambani leaders and residents led by Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna have lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for kick-starting the completion of the tarmacking of stalled Kabati-Mbondoni-Migwani road of the Sh18 billion Kitui road which will commence soon, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt

The President of the Republic of Kenya, H E Uhuru Kenyatta has continued to win banquets of praises from residents of Kitui County, for authorizing the construction of stalled the road, which ended in the bush before reaching Migwani town.

Mwingi West MP hon Charles Nguna leads Kitui residents in Lauding President Uhuru kenyatta As 34Km stalled Mbondoni-Migwani Road Tarmacking Gets Underway.

The Synihydro Chinese Contractor which was tasked for tarmacking the Kibwezi-Kitui road is reported to have announced the completion of the work prematurely, leaving 34 Kilometres covering Kabati to Migwani unattended

The 192km road was touted to extend from Kibwezi to Migwani in Mwingi West, Mp Nguna said.

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Sh18 billion Kitui Road ended in December in the bush with the Government and Chinese contractor claiming that no money had been allocated for remaining 34km.

The matter caused an uproar with Kitui leaders crying foul.

However, on Wednesday 17th March 2021 – Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna broke the good news to the people of Kitui after intense lobbying – he assured fellow residents that President Kenyatta has accepted the tarmacking of the remaining area of Mbondoni to Migwani in Mwingi west.

History of the road.

The Tarmacking of the road began in 1963, its during the president uhuru kenyatta reign where the work has been actualized, the resident of Kitui are grateful to the president, Nguna added.

The tarmacking of the Sh18 billion Kibwezi-Kitui-Migwani road in Kitui county had abruptly ended in the middle of nowhere – 17km before reaching Migwani market.

“The construction of the milestone road went past Kabati market but before it got to Mutonguni, it stalled after its budget was expended. About 34km remains undone and Kitui leaders are unhappy that people are driving on a good road that ends abruptly in the bush,” .

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“The people of Kitui are grateful for the road project that the President Kenyatta launched in 2017, once completed it will link to the Nairobi-Thika-Garissa highway at Mbondoni for it to be of greater benefit to them” said MP Charles Nguna.

An official of the Sinohydro Corporation that is doing the road, Zeng Yuh, said his firm had already done the 192km awarded in the contract his firm signed with the Government.

He said only Kenha could explain what should happen to the remaining stretch of the road.

It was Mwingi West Mp Hon Charles who Nguna shared the good news.

“Here you go ! I didn’t have to share this but let’s clear the doubt” the MP wrote on social media.

Nguna has called on the residents of Kitui to continue supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta for remaining days in his office saying that he is listening President whose legacy remain for generations to come.