Mp Nguna Exudes Confidence as Wiper Begins Party Preliminaries



Mwingi west Parliamentary contest is becoming hot like fire furnace for the needy and formless aspirants as wiper party set to begin it’s party nominations from 19th April 2022.

On Sunday, the sitting wiper member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna joined AIC Mbooni faithfuls for a Sunday service where he reiterated his confidence of retaining the seat in August polls.

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As wiper party begins party Preliminaries in various positions from 13th – 19th Nguna’s rivals continue to yell like Injured Buffalos with his opponent claiming he might be rigged out in favour of the incumbent who has good camaraderie with party henchmen.

Mp Hon Nguna, a close ally of Wiper Boss HE Dr Stephen Kalonzo has demonstrated his Confidence of retaining the seat as Wiper Begins Party Preliminaries and subsequent win in general election.

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According to the political pundits, it will he very difficult circumstances for the aspirants to outshine young Wiper Mp for Mwingi West Hon Charles Nguna, it’s amazing to see how the incumbent succeeded greatly against political challenges while others seem to get discouraged and shut down completely in the face of adversity.

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They say, “those who are able to succeed greatly in the face of stressful turmoil are those who are strong,/Whether it be mental, physical, spiritual, or a good mix of all three”