Mp Nguna Extolled for Prudent and Transparent Use of NGCDF Funds In Mwingi West


The establishment of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) which was introduced in 2003 during the successful Kibaki era has seen constituents get the value for their money.

The fund was designed to support constituency-level, grass-root development projects.

[1] It aimed is to achieve equitable distribution of development resources across regions and to control imbalances in regional development brought about by partisan politics.

[2] It targets all constituency-level development projects, particularly those aiming to combat poverty at the grassroots.

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[3] The CDF program has facilitated the putting up of new water, health and education facilities in all parts of the country, including remote areas that were usually overlooked during funds allocation in national budgets.

Mwingi West is among the constituencies where residents have seen the value for their money, as allocated to the Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), the COUNTY DIARY reports.

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The Constituency Development Committee allocated funds for The construction of NZAWA Police Post and the police line structure is now complete awaiting occupation and personnel deployment.

Mp NGUNA (CNN) is popular for his transparent and proper utilisation of CDF funds based on the people’s needs.

Nguna’s Blue Regime is now taking shape In Mwingi West, the Construction of NZAWA POLICE POST offices and sanitation facility {2door pit latrine} by Mwingi west NG-CDF fy 2018, 19-2020 will alleviate the insecurity in the area once the facilities are occupied by the Police.

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This has been made able by vocal and vibrant Mwingi west member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna.