Mp Nguna DIRECT Wiper Ticket in Mwingi west LEAVES netizens Awed as SKM gives him thump up



Flourishing Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Ngusya Nguna has been given Direct Wiper Ticket following NEC’s Upproval

It’s Official that Wiper NEC meeting has unanimously approved Hon. Charles Ngusya Nguna to fly Wiper Democratic Movement ticket in the forthcoming 9/8/2022 general elections.

During the previous general election wiper Legislator hon Nguna had no serious challenge the same as this year election.

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It’s crystal clear that wiper Movement has continued to get it done and clear, no doubt Mp Nguna will deliver mwingi West Constituency Parliamentary seat come August general election with huge margin.

The competitors who had vowed to join forces and rig out Nguna have been vanquished politically.

The TCD takes this early opportunity to wish Mp Nguna success.