Mp Nguna Commissions Mega Dams, Issues Cheques For More Development


By TCD Editor.

On Thursday 29th, October 2020 – Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna Escalated His Development tour at Kiomo/Kyethani where he had a meet the people’ tour.

The Constituency is slated to go down to the Constituency historical books of the most developed constituency during Nguna’s Tenure.

The flourishing young legislator has been voted as a development oriented Member of Parliament in the history of Kitui.

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“It was a day marked by market to market stopovers and ‘one on one’ interaction with the constituents”.

Hon CNN commissioned and launched two earthdams at Kakongo and Nzaaiku respectively which he did from his personal savings to salvage the residents from chronic acute water shortage.

During the trip, Hon Charles issued issued the following NG-CDF development projects cheques.

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1️⃣. A cheque for completion of a Dining Hall at Kakongo Secondary School.

2️⃣. A cheque for construction of Classrooms at Mavoloni Primary School.

3️⃣. A cheque for construction of sanitation facilities for Makutano Primary School
4️⃣. A cheque for classroom construction for Nzaaiku primary school
5️⃣. He also committed hire a grader to do Kairungu – Kianziani – Musonoke road
6️⃣ A cheque for construction of Nzaiiku Classrooms

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At Nzaaiku, he committed to hire a private grader to level Nzaaiku football pitch. He also promised to deliver footballs and club uniforms to Nzaaiku teams.

_Greatest of all leaders are those who go beyond their way to help their people.