Mp Mbai Threatens To Go To ICC Over Muranga Violence



Vocal and Brave Kitui East MP Hon.Nimrod Mbai has condemned and cursed the action that he termed as ‘sponsored violence’ that was witnessed on Sunday in Murang’a.

The orchestrated violence was meant to stop DP William Ruto from touring the area, he said.

“We are going to write to ICC to send their investigators to Kenya from as early as next week to do the work in tandem with Kenya DCI, so that before 2022 if any violence occurs in our country, the ICC knows the right people to arrest and prosecute”, said Hon. Mbai.

Sunday morning, every christian was preparing to go to church. A bus (kenya mpya) arrived at kenol town, the youths were shouting NO RUTO. In the bus they carried tyres and petrol. Immediately they embarked they started lighting the tyres and heckling all sorts of insults to the DP of kenya.

They headed to AIPCA Church, the congregation had started morning devotion already. When they saw they are under serious attack, they informed the police. When the police came, they threw teagars inside the church not to the chanting youths.

The church defended themselves by sending the youths away.( Stones were used). One of the youths was caught by the youths who were protecting the church from any damage by the goons. She was question and i quote, ” tutumitwo ni Sabina. Tulitafutwa na caroline, tukaambiwa tukuje kuzuia DP asikuje kanisa, malipo yetu ilikuwa 1000ksh.”

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Why did the police throw teargas inside the church and the exchange was not in the church, were they not ought to protect the people inside the church? A wedding was already happening in the church.

why did they ruin those young kenyans moment of tying the knot? The area Mp Hon. Alice Muthoni Wahome stood bravely and told the police to let the church worship, it is their right in the constitution of Kenya.Hon. Ndindi Nyoro worked closely with the church too to see a safe environment for the worshipers too.

The two Parliamentarians did a great Job in mantaining peace , the police failed to the dismay of every Kenyan, for they are oblinged into mantaining peace and order not disrupting non-violent kenyans.

The youths who were ferried to Kenol were already causing trouble at the Market and the local business traders sought to protect their valuables whilst they get stolen, this brought Kenol town into a stand off, but the church service was continuing after the two area Mps intervened.

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Why was this move planned by “maitu wa county” Hon Sabina Wanjiru Chege ? On Saturday they told the local business kenyans to close down, they were paid (undisclosed amount of money).

This was a move to show that the people don’t love the DP. Last week the so calles Maitu spend the week giving people 70 litre Jerricans because she thought the DP will bring tanks to those people. Then she held an event at an AIPCA Church too so that Kenyans will see the church is dividend, immature moves.

Another proof the violence was planned is that the Majority whip Hon Irungu Kang’ata passed by kenol town to see wether they have succeeded. He was the first person to put it on social media there is chaos.

Murathe was supposed to cover and show that the DPs event was chaotic and “he” is a “violent person” later in the evening as He was hosted by K24 TV.

Another spread of propaganda erupted when a young lady was caught in between the crossfire as the KENOL TOWN BUSINESS COMMUNITY. protected their propert and died.

And may the soul of the departed young lady Rest in Eternal peace and the people who caused all this violence to defame the DP of Kenya, let them have no peace, whatsoever in their lives.

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God paved a way for the Deputy President of Kenya and the Fundraiser was successful. He later addressed a mammoth crowd at Kenol once again he defeated the enemy.

Even the two hired bloggers Robert Alai and Lord Abraham Mutahi failed to write lies of articles to kenyans to spread the propaganda.

Later the DP addresses a sea of people at Githurai, this left the deep state with questions, how will they convince Kenyans that DP is violent? Sabinas’ event was peaceful, Railas’ was also peaceful, why dis they want to ruin DPs’ event? Is the DP giving them sleepless nights with the #HustlerNation and #wheelbarrowmovement for them to take such desperate measures? Is Mount Kenya turning to be a zone of violence by the leaders they elected to represent them ? Is it not our Democratic Right to elect and follow leaders of our choice?

Hon. Mbai said that sponsored violence has no place in a democratic country like Kenya and that such actions are backward and archaic in democracies.

Demonstrators at kenol muranga on Sunday
Kitui East mp hon Nimrod Mbai condemn muranga violence that left two people dead.