MP Malili Has No Capacity To Represent us Effectively- Claims Lawyer Mwalimu


Mwingi North member of Parliament hon Eng Malili could be walking under a tight rope ahead of August general election.

A Prominent high court advocate Mr mwalimu has claimed the area Mp lacks balls and capacity to represent the interest of the people of Mwingi North effectively.

In a heated online debate, Mwalimu wrote, ” It would be foolhardy for us to appreciate being downgraded from @⁨Munuve⁩’s 2 billion worth of projects to Malili’s joke of 300 million worth of projects. We have a right or an equitable share of the National Cake. Malili doesn’t have the capacity to negotiate and represent us at the national table. The most noble thing for us to do is to vote him out in August. We shall give him tenders cz kiu nokyo wisi

Mr Mwalimu, a decorated high court advocate is among those who have declared their interest to unseat the sitting Mp.

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Mwingi West MP lobbied for the extension of the Kibwezi-Kitui-Tulia road to Bondoni. On the day he lobbied Kitui MPs to meet the roads and finance Ministers and their PSs, all Kitui MPs except our MP were present yet we also needed to have part of that road extended from Kamuwongo to Kandwia, he added.

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CNN got the extension while we have to endure with 9am of bumpy road to Kandwia.

This is He’s the only MP I know in this country whose success is measured by how he utilized CDF funds

Will Maliili salvage his Political career against the onslaught from competitors, only time will tell.