Mp Makali constructs Classroom in Mwala Pri School


St Andrews Mwala primary school classroom constructed by NG-CDF Kitui central courtesy of Hon Dr makali mulu the father of development

Mp Makali, a member of parliament from kitui Central constituency, has taken a commendable initiative by funding the construction of a much-needed classroom in St Andrew Mwala Primary School. This act of generosity is a significant step towards improving the educational infrastructure and ensuring a conducive learning environment for the children in this region.

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Makali’s commitment to education is evident in his actions, as he understands that by investing in the education of young minds, he is ultimately investing in the future of the community.

The construction of this classroom will not only alleviate the overcrowding issue faced by students but will also provide them with a comfortable space to learn and grow.

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Moreover, this development will enhance the quality of education provided in st adrew Mwala Primary School, as a conducive environment is essential for effective teaching and learning. By prioritizing education and taking tangible steps to improve educational facilities, Mp Makali sets a positive example for other leaders to emulate.

This act of kindness and commitment to education will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the lives of the students in St andrew Mwala Primary School and will serve as a catalyst for the overall development of the community.

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