Mp Kasalu Secures freedom of 11 women from Kitui prison


Kitui county Mp Hon Irene Kasalu had a session with prisoners who shared their heartbreaking predicaments with her.

“Mothers with children imprisoned for failing to pay fines as low as 5, 000. I am glad was able to secure the release of 11 of them but Chief Justice and Dpp must answer to the state for delays in the justice system” she said.

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Later mama miradi visited mama Upendo Children’s Home at majengo kitui township, The legislator donated food stuffs, clothing and books that will be used by the over 100 children in the centre.

Touched by the gallant and inspiring story of the mama Upendo Children’s Home, lauded the critical role the Home has played in molding the young kids.

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In Hon Kasalu’s itinerary is accompanied by archbishop Muheria, FKF Chairman Gilbert Mutema, NYC chair Aggrey Nzomo and others.

Her expedition will end at kitui stadium to grace Nzia fc vs dynamo fc tournament.