MP Charles Nguna Four year’s Stunning ACHIEVEMENT leaves Competitors zombified



Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna four years stunning achievement has left his competitors distracted to the core.

The legislator has done commendable job which has continued to attract thousands of the people.

Education sector.

▪️ Classrooms constructed – 79
▪️ Classrooms renovated- 156
▪️ Science laboratories constructed – 13
▪️ Dormitories constructed- 13
▪️ Admnistration blocks constructed – 26
▪️ Toilets constructed – 52
▪️ School Buses bought- 2
▪️ Dining hall’s constructed-12
▪️ Fencing 10
▪️Watertanks Supplied to Schools -24 (13 more at disbursement stage)
▪️ School Fields Levelled -3
▪️ Desks and chairs

Completed ICT hubs Equipping
▪️Nguutani ACC office
▪️Migwani youth
▪️Kiomo ACC office.

New Schools Constructed

▪️Karura secondary school
▪️Misai secondary School
▪️Thaana Nzau secondary School
▪️ Kwa karanga Primary School ( land bought already)



▪️2017/18 – 24,685,344/=
▪️2018/19 – 32,164,306/=
▪️2019/20 – 40,095,233/=
▪️2020/21 – 45,005,567/=
Over 45,000 students benefitted since 2017.


▪️Police Posts- 11
▪️Chief’s offices- 13
▪️ACC 3 -offices and residential homes
▪️DCC office in migwani

Environment conservation

▪️450,0000 seedlings donated across the constituency.

Women and Youth empowerment

▪️Uwezo fund, 165 groups funded
Youth employment-
▪️65 youths in permanent jobs
▪️30 youths employed in Hon. CNN office.

Water and agriculture
Despite them being a DEVOLVED functions.
▪️More than 300 waterpans constructed in;
▫️ Nzatani location
▫️ Itoloni location
▫️ Migwani location (kaliluni & Kyamboo)

▫️ Nguutani location (Kakululo)

Dams constructed:

▪️ Mukuuni dam in kanguutheni,
▪️ Katuyu dam,
▪️Kakongo dam,
▪️Mavui dam
▪️ Kwa suva dam
▪️ Nzaaiku dam
▪️ Tulanduli earth dam
▪️ Kisovo dam
▪️ Mbooni dam (kyome)

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▪️50 big sand dams through Africa Sand dam


Roads constructed

▪️Kabati – Migwani – Mbondoni B64 Road ( Upgrading to Bitumen standard underway)
▪️Kwasiku -Thitani -Kyusyani -thaana nzau road
▪️Mumbuni- mwanzilu road
▪️Mbondoni-kiio Road
▪️Kaunduani- Kyamboo -kithaunani road
▪️Mberia- Kakululo -nzawa road
▪️Kyusyani- kyangungi
▪️kanginga- mulilulini -kyongweni road
▪️Kairungu -Kakongo- kiroboko road
▪️Kiomo -kwa munyanzu -Kairungu road
▪️Kavaini -winzyeei -kyusyani Road
▪️ Nzeluni- mwanzilu road
▪️ Kisovo – Itheng’eli Road
▪️ Migwani- kwa Mbuta – Kanyaa Road
▪️Kairungu – Musonoke Road
▪️Kasanga – Kwa Muthusi Road (murraming)
▪️Malatani – Wikivuva Road
▪️Winzyeei – Ithenze Road
▪️Kwa Kari – Mukongoro Road
▪️Kakululo – Nzalae Road
▪️Uvaita – Beula – Wikithia Road

Drifts constructed

▪️Kwa luli drift
▪️ Mwanzilu-ikoo slab
▪️ Ngwaano drift
▪️Makutano- Yetawa drift
▪️ Etawa drift
▪️ Mulata utunda drift
▪️ Tyaa drift
▪️ Makuti drift
▪️Kwa Kyumbo drift

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Nguna cup tournament (annual individual sponsorship of 1.8M, currently at 19th edition.)
▫️Nartured several talents with several youths playing in various national clubs with Eric Zakayo playing for the national team.

▪️Donated over 420 pairs of uniforms and over 500 balls to teams.
Social Development
▪️Inua Jamii cash transfer Program with 3062 beneficiaries

▪️ Donated over 300 water tanks to curb COVID_19.
▪️ Constructed 8 bodaboda shades through kind donations.


▪️ Connected more than 1600 homesteads to the National grid,
▪️ Additional 6,305 to be connected by 2023. – Lobbied for 43 transformers.

▪️Migwani town Streetlights
▪️ Nguutani town streetlights

▪️kiio town streetlights

Legislation and representation spoken 194 times in the house, made numerous statements and asked 32 questions.

▪️East Africa Parliamentary Games in Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda bagged in 12 gold medals in 200M, 400M and relays.

N.B More projects, bursaries for FY 2021/22 implementation underway

Among many other projects not listed.

Special appreciation to the Almighty God & following groups for the overwhelming support :_

i) National Government of Kenya
ii) Mseto wash
iii) National Irrigation Authority
iv) African Sand Dam
v) Wiper Democratic Movement
vi) Mwingi West Professionals
vii) The great people of Mwingi West Constituency.

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