Mp Charles Nguna Development Records Irks His Critics



    Mwingi west Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna has continued to win accolades from his voters and beyond, the political future of this legislator is luminous, Musolo Nguli a voter in Migwani has said.

    The development oriented legislator’s development records in Mwingi west is causing sleepless nights to his competitors ahead of the 2022 general election, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

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    “At Kyome location Development tour, Charles Nguna Visited AIC Kyome Primary School, he was received like a king! He Commissioned three Classrooms which were renovated through MWINGI WEST-CDF under his patronage.

    The new Classrooms is set to enhance education in the school and boost pupils morale in their studies.

    This comes in a time when social distancing is very crucial in schools in the fight against COVID_19.

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