Progress; Mp Charles Nguna Commissions Fully Equiped Science laboratory


Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna, a devoted leader, has taken a significant step towards improving education in our community by commissioning a fully equipped science laboratory at Mukuthu secondary school.

This initiative will undoubtedly benefit countless students who have long awaited hands-on learning experiences in their science education journey. With this laboratory, students will be able to conduct experiments, analyze data, and develop critical thinking skills, paving the way for their success in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Not only will this fully equipped science laboratory enhance the quality of education, but it will also inspire a new wave of curiosity among students. Science education has often been limited to theoretical knowledge gained from textbooks, resulting in a lack of practical application and understanding.

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Mp Wrote, “With a triumphant reception by Mukuthu residents, Today I commissioned a fully equipped Science Laboratory at Mukuthu Secondary school.

This is in a bid to fulfill my campaign promises to my people as it’s clearly entrenched in my manifesto.

I was escorted by:

1. Hon. Harrison Maluki – Migwani Ward/ Majority leader
2. Hon. Anthony Musyoka – Kiomo/Kyethani Ward
3. Hon. Godfrey Ndangara – Tharaka Ward
4. Hon. Judith Wanza – Nuu Ward
5.Hon. Joseph Musyoka – Nzambani Ward
6. Hon. Mutunga Munyao – Kauwi Ward
7. Hon. Kilonzi Kasele – Mutitu wa Ndooa
8. Hon.Malinga Munyao – Nzombe/Mwitika

Former MCA’s also in presence were

9. Hon. Kawaya – Nuu ward
10. Hon.peter Mutemi(wakakaru) – Kiomo/Kyethani.

With the commissioning of this scientific laboratory, students will have the opportunity to see scientific concepts come to life and witness the direct impact of their experiments. This hands-on experience will not only deepen their understanding of scientific principles but also cultivate a passion for learning and discovery that will extend far beyond the classroom walls.


Overall, Mp Nguna’s investment in a fully equipped science laboratory demonstrates a commitment to equipping our students with the necessary tools to thrive in an increasingly scientific and technological world. With this remarkable initiative, students will have the opportunity to expand their horizons, cultivate their scientific skills, and ultimately shape a brighter future for our community and beyond.

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