Mp Charles Nguna breaks records for Projects Mobilization in Mwingi West



Despite water being a function of devolved Government responsibility – Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Ngusya Nguna through private funding & lobbying have been able to do countless water projects for the people of Mwingi west.

The outstanding wiper legislator has proved to all of us that one can do More and break the grass ceiling in terms of constituency Projects Mobilization from national government and other institution instead of passing the blame game to the Governor.

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The TCD Editorial team is proud to list some of water projects done in Mwingi West.

Some of the Water Projects done by Hon CNN in 5 years through Private Funding & Lobbying Since WATER is entirely a DEVOLVED Function*

▪️Katuyu Earth Dam
▪️Kakongo Earth Dam
▪️Mavui Earth Dam
▪️Nzaaiku Earth Dam
▪️ Kwa Suva Earth Dam
▪️Kisovo Earth Dam
▪️Kwa Ithele Earth Dam
▪️Tulanduli Earth Dam
▪️Mbooni(Kyome) Earth Dam
▪️Mwiwano Earth Dam
▪️Kang’uutheni Earth Dam
▪️ Wikithuki Earth Dam
▪️ Itoloni Waterpans
▪️Nzatani Waterpans
▪️ Migwani Waterpans
▪️ Kakululo Waterpans

..and many more other water-related projects.

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The legislator have continued to win banquet of acknowledgement from from voters and leaders across the country,

According to the latest opinion, it will be very difficult to replace WORKING Member of Parliament in August polls with failures. His reelection remain certain .

On Friday 25th Feb 2022, Mp Nguna Launched construction of Kasusya Earth Dam in Wikithuki Sub Location, Kyethani Location lobbied through National Irrigation Authority..Once fully constructed the dam will have a capacity of 70 000M3 and will serve more than 2000 households.

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