Movers and Shakers of Kitui Social Media Space



These men and women of diverse backgrounds shape opinion and provide unrivalled information on the socio-economic and political life in the county.

They are bold, fearless and meticulous debaters who’s wit and consistency baffle both foe and friend.

Their penchant for controversy, truth and justice has drawn a mixed broth of love and hate in equal measure.

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They respect nobody but the play of ideas.

Ndio hawa

1. Pat Safari, (Blogger)

2. Yoana Kimwele (Blogger)

3. Aggry Nzomo

4. Baraka Muli

5. Iko Siku

6. Alex Muema

7. Dennis Omwange

8. Eric Nzangi

9. Erastus Koumbulu

10. Boniface Mwaniki

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11. Austrin Kitheka (Mukelenzu)

12. Geziman

13. Kisukuti

14. Kyalo James

15. Sammy Mailu

16. Katunda Kingangi

17. Damaris Kasamu

18. Atoti Ifuoma.

19. Agnes Mutia

20. Kalii Kimanzi

21. Dorcus Wandia

22. Axis online

23. The County Diary

24. Kitui online

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25. Skymoon Networks

26. PashaMole

27. Kennedy safari