Mourners PROTEST against MOSE for alleging he is close to Ngilu than MCA Nganga



Drama exploded at a funeral in Miambani ward which is in the heart of Kitui Central, when Moses Munyalo, a youth leader took to the podium to brag how close he is to the governor Kaluki Ngilu than any one in Miambani.

The Burrial was attended by Kitui County assembly Minority leader Hon Alex Nganga, Matinyani MCA hon Sylvester Kitheka popularly known as Yaamu among other MCAs and youth leaders.

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The popular youth leader was nearly chased away by an irate crowd for allegedly demeaning the other leaders from the area saying he is more close to the Governor than any other person..

Historically, Miambani people for many years have always disliked and disapproved people of Kyangwithya saying they have Marginalised them over the years.

Trouble for youth leader started when he attempted to address the mourners by mentioning how close he is to the Governor instead of Mourning with the family first.

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“Tyo mwisi ninduu na ngilu….” Mose Provoked the mourners to see the reaction from the crowd.

“Aaii thi naku we, maundu maku na Ngilu twikenda…thi vyu” the agitated crowd roared back, getting him flatfooted, it took the intervention of area MCA Alex Nganga to calm down the mourners.

Unhappy and renounced, Mose handed over the mic to the area MCA, Who is the Minority Leader hon alex Nganga who is a Ngilu right-hand man of many decades.

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Alex outlined the county Government achievement in the area as residents promised to give Governor Ngilu a second chance.

According to Albert Muli, a voter in Miambani, It has taken Hon Alex Nganga to Soften the ground for Kitui central Mp Hon Makali in Miambani, historically, the people have voted against any candidate from kangwithya..