More Revenue As Kuvasila Wins Quest To Host Kiboroko Sand Stakeholders



The Kiroboko showdown seemed to have taken a twist yesterday as Kitui County Government insisted on hosting the sand stakeholders at it’s offices, local media said.

The Minister for Tourism and Sports Hon. Koki Musau, who doubles as the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources smarted from the twist which seemed to be a win for his fight to bring more revenue to the Kitui County sand harvesting programme,

” We must strive to bring more reveue to the Kitui County Treasury coffers.
We will not relent in our fight to ensure that the Kitui County Government earns more revenue from designated sand mining zones in areas in it’s jurisdiction.

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We have the back up from the Governor and the National Government and we will not let Ngilu down or her Manifesto to keep serving the people of Kitui kwa Hali na Mali” said Hon. Koki Musau speaking to the COUNTY DIARY.

The new twist seems to be a win win outcome for Kuvasila, the popular hardworking Kitui County Government minister whose performance has remained high and rising.