More Reasons Why Amb. Kiema Technocratic Ideology Will Liberate Kitui Economy



Kitui County has lacked a technocrat who can double up as an administrator.

In the 1st devolved Government, Kitui had a planner as a Governor.

With a planner, you expect nothing much except planning!

With the 2nd devolved government, Kitui has a politician who has no clue of technocracy or management – but a hanky panky ruler using the guise of motherhood to confuse voters.

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This time round, the 3rd devolved government needs a technocrat and a manager – exactly what Amb Kiema Kilonzo represents.

We need a balance of trade, opportunities, distribution of wealth and resources and empowerment. Still this hasn’t been achieved because in the two regimes, nepotism has been evident and thriving.

To counter this, we need to correct these problems. Our health facilities have deteriorated to worst.

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Creation of wealth through exploitation of resources from their natural habitat and setting is close to nil even with the County’s extraction machinery, manpower and technological knowhow, the incumbents failed to push for their extraction and mining.

Water Shortage has remained a real challenge and we need a government that can give us lasting solutions. Poverty is fiercely biting as most families continue to languish.

Transportation infrastructure  remain a challenge indeed. During rainy season, majority of areas where main roads don’t have the privilege of tarmac and grading are impassable.

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The state of the roads is pathetic and disillusioning.

With a technocrat and a manager, the aforementioned woes seen in the County can be averted and eradicated. Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo has the real qualities of a manager and technocrat.

He represents a perfect and ideal opportunity for Kitui County come 2022.

We are supporting the Balozi na Mkombozi for a better Kitui!

Amb. Kiema Kilonzo, Governor Kitui County 2022.