More Banquets for iconic Mulyungi as WAITA MCA aspirant MATITI lauds roads grading



Popular Waita Ward MCA aspirant Hon PETER MATITI has heaped banquets of praise to the iconic Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon MULYUNGI for his sustained roads grading in the ward.

“MP Mulyungi is doing a wonderful job upgrading the local roads infrastructure across the Ward.The Waita-Kyambaa-Bridge Academy-Kyulungwa road is done to perfection” said Hon MATITI…

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Other roads graded by the MP include Waita-Kangutha-Kwa Muku-Malioni-Mutwangombe road.

Others roads include Waita-Ndithi-Maongoa-Kwa Matuva-Kyandoa road not forgetting the Munyumbuni-Thonoa-Ndithi road.

“Currently, our benevolent MP is grading the Kwa Mulei-Kyethani-Kambiti-Kyulungwa road.

I must add that to recently graded Maongoa-Kitulini to Nyanyaa road that connects Upper Waita and Endui enclaves is a major boost for the once neglected road infrastructure” said the popular Wiper politician speaking to The COUNTY DIARY today evening.

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The MP has also upgraded secondary and primary schools infrastructural facilities including grading playgrounds in the entire Waita Ward, an inspection report by MPPRESS showed.

MPPRESS editor and MP Spokesman Patrick Kimanzi last week inspected the roads and ranked the grading at 93%.