MJS To Face Kiio FC as Nguna Cup Tournament Enters Quarter Finals Stretch This Weekend



Mwingi Junior Stars (MJS) football club from Mwingi Central is set for a big clash against Kiio FC at Kiio Stadium in Mwingi West as on-going Nguna Cup Tournament enters the prized Quarter Finals stretch this weekend.

Speaking to COUNTY DIARY this afternoon, individual sponsor and Patron of the popular Nguna Cup said that the stage is set for big clash.

“It has been exhilarating to host all these teams. Over 140 teams participated in the heats but only 8 teams have made it to the Quarter Finals and it will be interesting to see which team will be crowned as the Champions of Nguna Cup this year -2020” said Wiper MP Hon. Charles Nguna (CNN) speaking on phone.

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According to fixtures seen by COUNTY DIARY, Eiber FC will face Muthioni FC in the morning followed by a clash between favourites MJS against Kiio FC at 11.AM.

In the afternoon, Kavalyani FC will play Kitumbi FC while Kea FC will close the day against the underdogs Kairungu FC at 4. PM, the fixture table showed.

“The Hon Nguna Cup Quarter Finals will also feature Girls Football Teams. It will be an all inclusive event and we expect thousands of football fans to grace the event” said Joe Katembu, one of the organizers.

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The finals of the Hon NGUNA CUP are slated to be held 31/12/2020 at Migwani Boys Sec School stadium.


( MEN)

1. Muthioni FC vs Eiber city FC @ 8.00am

2. Kiio FC Vs Mjs FC @11.00 am

3. Kavalyani FC vs Kitumbi FC @1.00pm

4. Kea FC vs Kairungu FC @3.00pm


1.Nzeluni FC vs Kairungu FC @8.00am

2. Riverbank FC vs Kanguutheni FC @11.00am

3.Mathunzini FC vs Mumbuni FC @1.00 pm

4.Matrix FC vs Winzyeei FC @ 3.00pm