Mixed reactions as Netizens Mark Moi day celebration fete


There was an eclectic reaction over the return of Moi day celebration on a popular WhatsApp group called kitui professional chat, On Thursday Morning, the chat comprises all leaders from kitui county, as the country marks Moi day celebration fete.

Moi is a legend, during his rein he loved Kenya, he never preached ethnicity, he is a true legend of all time, all Kenyan politicians are a product of his workmanship. He was the leader of his time and he did well.

He ruled the country through the iron fist and dictatorship. That’s the best Leadership style that Kenyans understand. Kenyans are dangerous and can even overthrow you, they need to be tamed. Kenyans can destroy themselves with democracy and freedoms; they need control and management.

Majority of the netizens we’re in support of the the retired president leadership, he might have failed in everything else, but at least he led a very patriotic nation.

I believe patriotism was occasioned by his ruthless methods of governance.e.g…abolishment of multiparty democracy..

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Moi’s leadership was characterised with massive Human Rights Abuses and Dictatorship.That’s why even the Government of today has not elaborated details of how this holiday should be celebrate.

Moi can’t qualify to be a national fete but a private anniversary where Moi knows what to celebrate.Our parliament should scrap the fete, disgruntled commentator said.

He ruled like African mothers of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Successful Kenyans are those who were beaten properly by their mothers.

Kitui KNUT Secretary general Mr. Ndingo: said, “As teachers, we have every reason to celebrate Moi day, a day named after Moi the teacher and later the president who started the original 844, started the fourth University in Kenya.

He introduced house allowance for the lady teachers, gave free school milk to the pupils, started vocational training centers, abolished clause 2A and Kenya became a multi-party state by law, increased teachers salary after the mother of all strikes led by Adongo not forgetting his dictatorship style of leadership which was necessary those days and finally, he never preached tribal politics.

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He was not a passing cloud as some people thought, happy Moi day. Assist one or two poor neighbors, that the essence of the day, Moi was not corrupt and he was one of the best patriotic presidents Kenya ever had we should celebrate him. During his time Kenya was more peaceful.

Another member said Suppressing and crushing intellectuals who were open-minded,During his era, Kenya witnessed the worst brain drain.

Intellectuals and technocrats left the country and sought asylum abroad. He liked to surround himself with illiterate sycophants who could not question a thing about his leadership.

You see, I know Moi was not sweet to the big-headed power-thirsty politicians like Tinga. But at least during the Moi era, Kenyans loved their country and things like Al Shabaab attacks were unheard of.

Leading men for 25 years isn’t an easy task, sometimes you are forced to crush balls of the noisy ones to survive, We might live in denial, but during the Moi era life was cheap.


A youth leader from kitui east Katunda said, “I will credit Mzee Moi with two things: Mzee Moi loved education and it’s during his time a lot of schools were opened through Harambee contributions.
The thing Mzee Moi protected our territorial borders, but today Kenyans are being beaten by Museveni and al-Shabab daily and govt is not acting. Somali are stated with stable govt has taken our maritime

he inflicted fear to both young and old! He mastered the names of every DC and even chiefs! Anyone opposed to his autocratic rule would surely exit this world mysteriously or fortunately live on the run! Kenya was reduced to a territory of fear!his eventual exit from power is even celebrated today to mark the end of a very terrible leadership!