Exposed; Ministers And Senior Staff Corner Extortionist & Conman


By Guest contributor

On Monday morning, One of middle aged man went to county offices and claimed that a group of “youths” have been given 300 posters to paste them in town and paint the County Govt badly.

He claimed the posters had abusive words about Ministers and senior county officials of Kitui County govt. He insisted that “he had spoken with the youths” and they had agreed to be given 200,000 cash so that they destroy the posters.

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When pushed for evidence of his claims he said he had “samples” of the posters. He Was requested to give out the samples he had. Little did he know That senior officials knew he was the one behind all ths.

He had designed and printed the posters himself on Friday 15th and the cyber where he did all this identified.

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To his shock when he came back to the office he found the office full of police officers. He was forced by the police to take them to the owners of the posters so that they can arrest them. He pleaded with the officers for more time.

only showed up at the station with a few posters for fear of being arrested claiming the boys agreed to burn the rest “for free”.

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He is now trying to extort Governors supporters, contractors and others with the same same posters. Kitui police officers have arrested some of the culprit and are hunting down the mastermind

The buy line is “if you don’t give us money we will put the posters and say you are the one who sent us”

County officers and Leaders, please Be Wary of Conmen