Mijikenda Tigress Visits Political wizard HE Ruto Moment after Meeting Raila


The political temperatures in the country are in the raise at high speed like Niver Nile boat, the COUNTY DIARY can now report.

After the former prime minister, Rt Hon Raila Odinga visited Malindi Mp Hon Aisha Jumwa at her office to pose for a political photo, after failing to attend the Party’s Parliamentary Group meeting due to backlog of activities,”The Mijikenda Tigress visited His Highness, the political wizard in Kenya political world H.E Dr. William Samoei Ruto in his office.


The ODM blogger rushed to tweet that the political prodigal daughter from Mombasa had come back home, only to delete later in shame.

The ODM propaganda Miller had to delete the tweets after realizing it was a just a normal meet up between the two great friends who had fallen out politically, kibra-elections causing discomfort among the political class in the country,

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According to national pundits, if you are not in jubilee line up , then you are not in the next government, ODM, and other small parties have been advised to dissolve and join DP Ruto’s camp so that it will be easy for Baba to have another Handshake with the Doyen during his first term as the President of Kenya.

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For now, the train seems to have left the station William Ruto’s Presidency is evident, the Jubilee government has successfully managed the former prime minister through a handshake, the president of the Republic of Kenya HE Uhuru Kenyatta must be very wise Man on the planet Earth.