Miguna Miguna a warbler with a briefcase of doom for his friends! Says Dr Mulwa


Miguna Miguna Return dominates Kenyan politics .

The Prophesy: Miguna miguna has spent almost his life time as an alien yet a Kenyan captured and enslaved by delicious Canadian cakes and pizzas !All his basic life and his prime investments and contributions are in Canada the nation in north america!

From a birds eye view miguna miguna shamelessly attacks and insults Kenyans who sleeplessly strain to build and make dire economic contributions in this country strangled by sixty billion dollar debt and unstoppable deeply rooted corruption cartels!

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Miguna is a warbler who has no taste for african tenets !He is a fugitive who found a save haven away from home to fight his poor motherland !

His unethical online contributions should be underlined as inconsistent !
His anticipated arrival in Kenya is a gesture of suspicion and leaders should never forget the two sides of the exiled general!

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With his modernised heavy briefcase miguna miguna carries doom for once his friends and true scripts on the operation of the deep state!
Dr Mulwa has said.