How Mianda Program Is Changing Lives in Kitui- Dr Wathe


Monday, 2nd December, 2019.

By Charles Muthoka.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau, accompanied by the Chief Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development James S. Mbii, has today on Monday visited the farm of Justus Kikuyu at Yalatani Village in Mutonguni Ward, Kitui West Sub County, where the farmer is doing horticulture farming through the “Mianda” farming Program.

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Dr Wathe, who was in Mutonguni Ward for Artificial Insemination Program follow up and monitoring, lauded Mr Kikuyu for taking up the “Mianda” farming Program which was introduced by Governor Charity Ngilu when she assumed office in 2017, purposely to make Kitui a food secure County.

The farmer was happy to tell how the Kitui County Government through the Ministry of Agriculture has helped him to grow in horticultural farming through provision of seedlings, which has enabled him to harvest enough produce for his family and also for commercial use.

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Also present was the Mutonguni Ward Administrator Georgina Muthami and Yalatani Village Administrator Catherine Masaku.