PROFILES: Meet the young Politician & Scholar PETER OSTEEN, The Incoming Kilifi South MP 2022


NAME: Hon. Peter Osteen

ASPIRANT: Incoming MP Kilifi South 2022

SKILLS : Leadership and Governance , Chairman @ Youths Aspirants Kenya (YAK) and a Scholar at the University of Nairobi.


Today in the COUNTY PROFILES we feature Peter Osteen, the young, educated, outgoing and suave Kilifi South politician who, in his own words promises to leave no stone unturned in terms of development in the constituency.

For the one academic year he has been the chairman of The Nairobi University’s UNSA.

Peter has been demonstrating his astute leadership skills.

“Sooner than later Kilifi South is going to be used a benchmark of rapid and escalated development in the Coast.
I am going to turn it into a small paradise on Earth with my leadership with my vision and Manifesto” says Peter Osteen speaking to COUNTY DIARY today afternoon.

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Last year Peter Osteen formed a political movement which he called Youths Aspirants Kenya (YAK) whose main objective is to bring all the youths in the 47 counties together.

Peter Osteen’s Key Political Achievements Include;

  1. Peter Osteen stood firm to oppose allegations that DOLA Unga was not fit for consumption and condemned it’s ban in the coast. The company has operated in the coast for many years.

  2. He has also condemned Mohammad Ali when he went to court to change the Mlaleo Primary School name from its original name to Mohammad Ali.

  3. The politician has been in the forefront to defend the right of drug addicts terming it as a scourge.

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4.Peter Osteen has opposed monopolisation of SGR which has rendered youths jobless. He wants them considered up to 80 percent.

  1. Peter Osteen has accused security personnels after killings of residents and university students when speaking to Baraka FM.

  2. He has been against the the demolition of Mtwapa market which has left the residents with no one to economic means as well as fighting for their rights.

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It was last year Peter made remarks about negligence of drug addicts in Mombasa and specifically Kilifi South and garnered massive support from the youth and the downtrodden who have proved him to represent them in the 13th Parliament in 2022.

Corruption cannot be the order of the day every day” he said as his Clarion Call speaking to the Press.