Meet The Untold Kitui Officer, An Excellent Financial Guru


He is known by many as a highly disciplined, service delivery oriented public officer among his peers. Mr Enoch Nguthu is not your ordinary fellow, he is a smart and serious professional in matters financial discipline.

Nguthu doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion in serious public financial matters, whenever such crop up on the vibrant social media forums in Kitui!

He has been described by the staff from his Ministry as a very reliable officer who doesn’t listen to street gossips; he will always protects his staff from unwanted criticisms.

To him it’s about work, work only.

The no non-sense financial guru is among the trusted allies of Governor Ngilu. He is loved and hated in equal measure. He has halted several proposals from other Ministries whose agenda is to loot through unwanted seminars and night outs per diems.

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He is known as the straight-, shooting fellow and never approves any programs which gross no value for money.

For that reason he is known as a proud, self styled anti-corruption officer , by those whose mission and intends is to loot.

According to the COUNTY DIARY investigative annual reports. His discipline and professionalism at work has helped Governor Ngilu to seal loopholes from all the ministries.

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He is a graduate from University of Nairobi and was one of the best in his class. He was employed by one of the Kenya’s top auditing firms