By Steve Mumbu.

Described by many as highly intelligent, sharp, focused, firm, bold, aggressive and extremely ambitious young man by those who have interacted with him and by most of his peers.

DENNIS KILIKU K.D KILIKU, the son of Mulango Ward in Kitui Central Subcounty has managed to earn respect and admiration..

His simplicity, undiscriminating and respectful demeanour among friends, peers and common people has elevated him to being one of the most popular youth in Kitui county and beyond.

He has been time and again instilled confidence among the youth that he can be equal to the task on matters on youth leadership and beyond.An unwavering, vibrant and one of the most vocal youth rights advocate in the county also described as thoughtful astute in debates, the young man has proved to be reliably resourceful and decisive, one who doesn’t mince his words on issues mostly matters concerning the youth, best known to speak his mind regardless the opinions of them and him as a person.

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This has made some quarters view him as a firebrand and hard-head. Though flexible as well as considerate, some of his close friends also describe him as a hardliner which is most considered his greatest undoing.

Mr. Kiliku is an excellent mobilizer and influencer, many who have closely worked with him on different projects also points him out as great team player and one who greatly believes in consultative and all inclusive style of leadership.

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It is these factors of leadership in him roofed with his admirable personality that has endeared him to people, many of them seeing him as best suit in taking county youth leadership mantle and even potentially future elected leader though not at any time has he declared publicly the thought of going for any elective position in future.

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But, as the saying goes,the voice of the people is the voice of God, he can’t defy the voice of God when the right time comes and be called upon by his people to serve them.Only time will tell which seat and on his own mantra “the future is extremely luminous” for this outspoken young upcoming leader Dennis Kiliku.