Meet Ngilu’s Finest CO Whose Stellar Is Envied By Many


    Meet Ngilu’s Finest Chief Officer Whose Stellar Is Envied By Many


    Kitui Governor Ngilu has several officers working under her but few can beat the stellar performance of one man;

    Meet Zakayo Kimanzi who ranks in the top echelons of Finest Chief Officers, and whose determination is unequivocal to make sure Governor Ngilu succeeds in whatever she do.

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    Zakayo is a product of political loyalty, perseverance and posses a mettle of success. The county diary can report.

    “He was a Mark In President kibakis vision 2030 blue print, initiating concepts such as convectional centre in Kenya that saw conversion of kicc to convection centre as well as development of marina in Kenya that was adopted by English point in Mombasa”.

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    He successfully assisted in development of high end tourism facilities such as Tafaria castle in aberdares mountain and falling waters of Thomson falls of panaries..

    His towering height like a Sudanese combatant complements his mastery of her boss. Least to say, Zakayo has a very friendly heart and caring soul just like his boss Governor Ngilu.

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    His future is luminous and shining like a morning stars. Stay tuned.