Kitui Mp who loves Flash cars, beautiful Women



Tough economic times crippled with difficulty and merry making ventures that comes in December has left Poor politicians crying and cursing the month of December.

Mr Ngole, not his real name is a man who is eyeing for the Parliamentary seat in one Constituency in kitui county.

The randy man who loves Flash cars and elegant women is currently wreaking havoc among the young families in entire kitui because of his itching figures and deep wallet fortunes.

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The boy who salivates incessantly at the present of any slay queen has been accused of eating life with big spoon and being reckless burger.

The tall like Egyptian bull with itching fingers has been accused of eating faded celebrities and destroying young families in pretence of Kwova Kura.

Grapevine has it that, the vallian bull has caused many young ladies to desert their husband because of his untamed libido and deep rooted pockets.

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