MCA Tangawizi Hosts Ngilu In Kitui South

Photo by Kitui Governor’s Press Unit.

On Friday, May 7, 2021 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Was in Kitui South to address the Historical land wrangles that have rocked owners of kilawa, nguni, ngunyumu ranches and squatters currently occupying the land are soon coming to an end following Governor Charity Ngilu’s intervention, an intervention that sought to highlight and identify the main issues that have made the squatters and the owners arch enemies.

Dating back to the early 70’s, the two factions have been at logger heads each camp claiming ownership of the vast piece of highly fertile land strategically placed adjacent to River Athi.

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Speaking while in a closed door meeting with the land owners, Ikutha, Kitui South, Governor Ngilu said she intended to ensure an amicable agreement was reached between the current settlers and the land owners.

“This issue irks me, how an arrangement of settling this matter hasn’t been reached disturbs me. I will make sure none of you, the owners and settlers, feel disadvantaged in what we will agree on. We must reach a common ground” she said.

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Governor Ngilu was speaking against a backdrop of visitations to various projects; wherein she launched the upgrading of the Athi-kisiio-kwa kivwalu road in Kitui South Sub-County.

This project will cost a total of 18Million shillings and will see 15KM upgraded, culverts installed, bush cleared and the road expanded to the standard required 9 Meters width.*

She was accompanied by Athi Ward Member of Assembly, Hon. Peter Kilonzo aka Tangawizi, Water, Agriculture and Livestock Development CeCM Mr. Emmanuel Kisangau, LIHUD CeCM, Eng. Jacob Kakundi, Ms. Caroline Musangi the county attorney, Physical Planning CECM, Mr. Samson Masil,a and a host of other county officials.