MCA Munuve Wins Big as Gvt Completes Fencing Of Kanziku Health Center & gate Installation



Nothing is more common than unfulfilled potential – having an underdeveloped ward if you are a member of the county assembly and the government development budget is over 3 to 4 billion every financial year.

The residents of Kanziku ward in kitui South have something to smile about after the county government of kitui Fenced Kanziko health center and installed a modern gate under the leadership of the current MCA hon James Munuve, the county diary reports.

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Speaking to the county diary, the county legislator said the government has also fenced Kanziko stadium, installed goal posts.

“Kanziko market has been fenced and Kaliani dispensary has also been fenced under the leadership of current county legislator” he added.

Other areas include Ekani dispensary and
Kituvwi dispensary, the essence of fencing these government facilities is to protect lands from potential land grabbers, MCA Added.

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Hon Munuve is among the top five thinkers and opinion shapers at the county assembly of kitui according to the house records. He is on several house committees and a second-term Member of the county assembly.

Kanziku Member of county assembly hon James Munuve.