MCA Kasee Congratulates Counsel Morris Kimuli On his Appointment



Outspoken Kisasi Member of the County Assembly Hon Emeritus Kasee Musya on Friday led the Assembly in congratulating Counsel Morris Kimuli upon his appointment by the President.

Speaking to the TCD Editorial, the legislator observed that it is in order to congratulate fellow kinsmen once they shine at the National stage.

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” We take this opportunity to congratulate Morris Kimuli. His appointment by the President will bring good tidings not only to Kitui but Ukambani as a whole” he said.

Meanwhile Lawyer Morris Kimuli has been appointed by President Kenyatta to sit at the IEBC Selection panel in a Gazette notice published this week.

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Writting on the Kitui Professional Chat, an online forum for who is who in Ukambani, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Friday morning penned the following;

The iconic Governor wrote.