Matuu Muvisi Home Meeting, The Political Seimics



By. Kennedy Ndoo

The annual muvisi matuu home goat eating came late, No it was not late, it was urgently planned for Kitui, masaku and Makueni politics modus operandi….read on….

But why was the meeting called, the political message, the effects….
But to understand these, we need to analyse the key meeting players perse….

(1)Hon Kalonzo wa Musyoka aka Muvisi

The cunning, suave and cool fatal Tseikuru son called this meeting to speak to the three renegade Kamba Governors, Mutua, Kivutha and Ngilu…. That, am unhappy with you, and have come for you, mundu ku mundu, luyha dialect literally speaking. Mutua and kivutha are safe, they are on their last term in office, Governor Ngilu is in precarious political situation, she is endangered…muvisi is/was visibly hangry, he might revenge, Governor Ngilu be ready….

(2)Hon Muthama, former senator, Machakos

Muthama came to pass two messages… One from, muvisi that he will finish Governor Ngilu for betrayal and tell Kamba Nation, the house of Mumbi has chosen muvisi. He shared a car ride with murathi, to sent the message home…. He did it perfectly well, he scored big time…

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(3)Hon Mulyungi aka Tsunami,aka Kisithe

Kisithe was brief, calculated,…. He carried muvisi message…. Governor Ngilu change, if u don’t, we(i) ready for your seat. Make no mistake, Hon Master is Muvisi rouble rouser and political water tester, ignore his sentiments at your own shauri…

(4)Hon Senator Kiio

The Kitui senator was candid, though unaudible but composed, the 2022 wiper party governor seat heir apparent mhesh was daring, tough and raring to go… Against muvisi detractors,….. The kyondoni born Kitui senator might be carrying muvisi secret dossiers…. Ignore him at your loss… Be warned..

(5)Hon Nimrod aka Hon mbaya mbaya

It took me some time to listen and repeat the audios of this matia born, Machakos PR trained and hardened, and a astute former Hon late Nyenze student to get his political message. In the matuu meeting, he stole the show. His presence was suprise even to wiper fraternity. Muvisi made some favorable statements about him. Note somewhere…. If he won’t vie for governor seat 2022,he will be in Muvisi, wiper brigade, make no mistake. Dalili ya mvua ni matope

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(6)Former governor Malombe

The Ithiiani born urban planning Dr was present. He initially received standing ovation from members present. Though his public speaking antecedotes needs serious polishing, he wasted a valuable opportunity to hit, the sitting governor. In his characteristics version, he reffered to his competitors as… Hao wengine… You will need to note, if he changes his adaptation to advice and public speaking, he can pull a suprise. Some Ndee areas are missing him, courtesy of my Ndee trusted political moles. He might need,political number marking….

(7)Hon Charles Nguna, mp Mwingi west(CNN) and Hon Malili mp Mwingi North

Hon CNN is unhappy with Hon Kuvasila frequent sojourns in Kitui West. He was daring, glaring and rough, he was spoilt for political war…. Kwenze Kwenze, tighten your belts, it’s gonna be messy, and rough going forward… In mwingi west. Hon malili is just enjoying being Kamba 2022 president mp, he is sipping his John mutembei pole pole….

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Way forward

⛔To governor Ngilu, i understand you are a seasoned political player, the war bells are on, towards your doorstep, do you still maintain,u must do political kcpe with kivutha and Mutua? If yes, jipange Sawa Sawa Munene……

⛔ To wiper….

Who is your Kitui County governor 2022 candidate? This might your secret card, but, note somewhere that you The sitting governor is a seasoned, cunning and suave political player, actually you might find her among the guests in Koma 2 Kamba meeting make no mistake. It’s gonna be rough going forward politically……

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