Martha Karua leads among leaders who block buffs on Twitter


Martha Karua, a prominent Kenyan politician has drawn attention for her practice of blocking fans on Twitter whenever she is questioned over any matter.

While social media has become an essential tool for politicians to connect with their constituents, the azimio politician Karua stands out as one who chooses to limit this interaction.

However By blocking fans, she is exercising her right to control the content she engages with on her Twitter feed, ensuring a more focused and curated online platform. While some argue that this approach restricts open dialogue and compromises the principles of free speech, others commend Karua for taking charge of her social media presence and prioritizing her own peace of mind.

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Karua’s decision to block fans on Twitter may be viewed as a strategic move to maintain a positive online experience. In a world where public figures are subjected to various forms of online harassment and abuse, it is reasonable for politicians to take measures to protect themselves.

By blocking fans, Karua shields herself from potentially harmful content or personal attacks, allowing her to focus on engaging with supportive and constructive voices while others urge that she can’t handle the pressure.

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While critics may argue that this approach restricts open dialogue and hinders the free flow of information, it is essential to recognize that politicians, like anyone else, have the right to ensure their mental well-being and choose the kind of content they consume on social media platforms.