By Steve Mutua.

Here I Am again with my spontaneous ramblings and sideways perspective on life issues. I dont write to teach or to advice, but to provoke critical thinking about the issues that confront us in our times. Eventually, everyone must chart their own path to the truth that works for them.

All human endeavours are geared towards meeting some basic human needs and wants, guranteeing them and enhancing their delivery to INDIVIDUALS.


The society is established around this tenet-guranteeing of its individuals’ wellbeing in all respects.

Even the laws that we enact at every level, from the family, school, places of worship and the country’s constitution, are meant to serve this purpose. Jesus would even say that “the Law was meant for man, not man for the Law”.

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In other words, if a law works against the individual’s wellbeing, it is time to get rid of it or to overide its provisions in that instance.

The way I understand human nature, we are wired for love and freedom. Everyone desires this perfect combo in life.

Little children, toddlers, want to be left alone to roam the environment but also need to run to safety and love of the parent if anything goes wrong.

In my understanding, marriage is the social institution thats perhaps best suited to offer this combo to those involved: intimacy (love) and freedom to be oneself.

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My personal experience and that of many I have observed is that, the average marriage offers either love but no freedom or no love and no freedom but rarely love and freedom.

Few couples enjoy the perfect combo that the marriage union promises. For many, it remains only in imagination.

Because of this, marriage has, for many, become a trap that stifles human consciousness which is pure love and freedom of being.

Where there is no love, there is fear, and thats no way to live. Where there is no freedom of being, there is no happiness nor the joy of individual dignity.

Whats your experience?