Malombe’s Supporters call on Kyuma to Boycott Wiper Preliminaries



Supporters of the leading candidate for the Kitui gubernatorial race Dr. Julius Makau Malombe have urged him not to participate in the upcoming WDM party nominations.

Dr Malombe who has remained a committed member of WDM for which he has served faithfully with utmost loyalty for more than a decade is pitted against former Jubilee Party member Amb. Kiema Kilonzo.

In a widely publicized party led scientific poll, WDM’s National Elections Board conclusively identified Dr. Malombe as the most popular candidate for the Kitui gubernatorial race with a rating of 60% while Kiema Kalonzo was ranked fourth at 8% – a difference of 52%

The party proceeded to carry out another google survey in April 2022 where Dr. Malombe was again ranked first at 74% while the former Jubilee party member Kiema Kilonzo had 13.3% – a difference of over 60%.

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Other political parties in the country have already used opinion polls conducted by their own parties to give direct tickets to their popular candidates and thus saving on resources that can be directed to the general elections.

Credible information in public domain has confirmed that the WDM nominations will not be free and fair and will be marred by external interference to the detriment of popular candidates.

It is now an open secret that other gubernatorial candidates in the Kitui County race are openly mobilising their supporters to vote for a weak WDM candidate.

The overall objective is to eliminate the strong WDM candidate and remain with the weak candidate whom WDM opponents can easily trounce during the August 9, 2022 elections.

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The WDM polls clearly demonstrate that Dr. Malombe’s main competitor, Kiema Kilonzo is a weak candidate. Therefore organizing open nominations for tickets where clear frontrunners are known, presents opponents of WDM an opportunity to interfere with the WDM nominations.

The majority of voters in Kitui County are privy to these opinion polls since they are in the public domain and are disillusioned wondering what the so-called WDM nominations are supposed to achieve when the candidate preferred by the majority of voters is already known based on WDM’s own opinion polls.

It is also in the public domain that Kiema Kilonzo despite being very unpopular with the Kitui County electorate has publicized that he is a WDM party project owing to the fact that his running mate is the son of WDM Party Leader.

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Kiema Kilonzo has peddled this information with the intention of blackmailing the party leadership and the party leader into giving him a direct ticket in a desperate effort to salvage his unpopular candidature.

Most of Dr. Malombe’s supporters strongly believe the so-called nominations will not be adjudged as free and fair and is actually a mockery of democracy.

This issue of the gubernatorial nomination if not properly handled it will adversely affect other electoral positions in Kitui County during the August 9th 2022 general election due to the expected resultant disillusionment by the voters.

In light of these events, Dr. Malombe is expected to make an important announcement to the citizens of Kitui County and the people of Kenya early next week.