Kitui Governor Malombe to Rollout Massive ClIDP Projects


Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe (EGH) has said the county will advertise the Community Level Infrastructure Development Programme (CLIDP) projects in a week’s time to allow implementation across the county.

While addressing a meeting between the CECMs and County Assembly leadership led by Speaker Katisya Kinengo, Majority Leader Harrison Maluki and Deputy Minority leader Sylvester Munyalo, the Governor said at least 300 projects will be advertised under the program.

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According to the Governor, the projects are eligible for small scale local contractors and are designed to ensure monies circulate in every ward and by extension to the villages.

On his part, County Assembly Speaker Kinengo Katisya expressed optimism in the executive saying the assembly will oversight objectively to support the governor and efficiently deliver services to the people of Kitui.

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