Malombe launches his 15 Point Manifesto In a colourful ceremony



The former kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe on Saturday 2nd April 2022 launched his long waited Manifesto in a colourful ceremony.

Malombe launches his 15 Point Manifesto In a colourful ceremony.

The event was attended by thousands of his Supporters, hosts of elected kitui County assembly (MCAS), former MCA’s, kitui business community, professionals among other entities.

Speaking during the ceremony, Dr Malombe reaffirmed his commitments to better the lives of Kitui residents once he assumes office in the August polls.

Hundreds of his supporters pledged to support his bid saying his records speak for more than the noisy being witnessed today .

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Kitui Residents endorse Malombe.

Dr Malombe highlighted his ground shaking manifesto that is yanked from 15 sectors he will work on once he gets to the office.

  1. Agriculture

  2. Health care reforms

  3. Education

  4. Mineral resources

  5. Tourism

  6. Road connectivity

  7. Information and ICT

  8. Escalated women and Youth empowerment programs and programs that support PLWD.

  9. Micro and Small enterprise-scale business across kitui county.

10..Rural electricity11. Boda Boda sector

  1. Environment.

  2. Water provision.

  3. Each ward among the 40 wards to get two tractors.

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His government will hire more Agricultural Extension officers to manage each ward, Kitui county and teaching referral hospital to be completed in the first one hindered days.

His government to build another referral and teaching hospital at Mwangi Level four hospitals are to be constructed in each sub-county.

Each ward gets a health level three hospital care facility, with a modern hospital. Each eight sub-county in kitui to get Mega Sand Dam that can support the sub-county.

Each ward to get mega-dams, each village to get Medium Earth Dam.The government will support boreholes in subsidy for every person who will require that service.

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Dr Malombe together with his guests following the proceedings.

Kitui county assembly majority leader hon Tangawizi flagged by his colleagues from the assembly.
Nzambani MCA hon Ruth Kyene following proceedings closely.
Kitui county Budget Chair hon Kila wearing godfather, he was among thousands of leaders who attended the forum.
Dr Malombe acampaigned by his daughter.