By Steve Mutua.

Male and Female are the biological or physical manifestations of the ONE and they help to define the purely biological functions of the sexes, nothing more!

Beneath the physical manifestation, we all have both Masculine and Feminine energies or tendencies at play! We are all aware of our masculine and feminine tendencies and we are always manifesting them in our behaviour at different moments in life.

The masculine energy is basically OUTGOING-competitive and aggressive, while the feminine energy is basically INGOING-passive and surrendering.

All competitiveness, wars, material, commercial and technological advancement in life depends on the masculine energy (not MEN!) while all religiousness is the movement of the feminine energy.

So every male has a female in their structure and make up and every female has a male too.

This should be obvious since we all come from both male and female parents anyway!

Now, most societies are partriachial, that is male dominated and for a long time too. This has led to the predominance of the masculine energy in the world!.

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All of us have some societally imposed ideas of “how” a man should be and how a woman is supposed to be! Its these ideas in our minds that conflict with what we know to be TRUE at the deepest core of our being.

The recent rise in women’s aggression in the name of women liberation is nothing but a reaction to the partriachial society. Women and the men who symphathise with the womenlib movement are nothing but the repressed feminine energy seeking expression.

Nature always takes revenge whenever some aspect of it is denied or suppressed!

Look closely at our close relationships, which are the building blocks of the society. Every relationship is an attempt at finding balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

This is not only true in man-woman relationships but in all human relationships! When the balance is not found, there is disharmony and when the balance is found, harmony prevails! All relationship disharmony is due to lack of that balance! .

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Lack of the balance implies OPPOSITION between the masculine and feminine energies whereas nature demands COMPLIMENTARINESS and not opposition.

When a man forgets his feminity and becomes too agressive, the woman gets suppressed and her feminine energy starts manifesting in many non-aggressive ways to counteract the man’s unchecked masculine energy.

She becomes bitchy, a nag, forgetful etc, simply not an “ideal” woman!

When the man becomes too feminine, the woman starts manifesting her masculine energy to bring about a balance. She tries to “sit” on her man and takes over the leadership role in the relationship.

If a couple in a relationship are unconcious of this energetic interplay, as many are, conflict will be the order of the day in their relationship.

The conflict may not show externally but it may be buried deep in the psyches just to maintain a good social image.

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The idea behind psychospiritual development and growth is to become concious of our dual nature, our “maleness and femaleness” in one entity and then to go beyond that duality by finding the fine balance in them! .

Thats also the natural idea behind the allure of the opposite sex! The biological attraction between the sexes is natures ploy to trap us into a situation that will force us to work out to find that balance and transcend the opposites in our nature.

We conveniently fool ourselves by calling it love while the society calls it marriage. These labels have no existential reality behind them! Nature knows only evolution! Thats why most self realised masters dont have need for relationships like marriage!