Makueni Should Impeach Speaker or Dissolve County, Assembly Under Siege


13th March 2019

by Correspondent

Devolution is at stake in Makueni as the County Assembly arm~twists leaders to manipulate legislation against public opinion.

While policy formulation is key to implementation of projects in the County Goverment’s development agenda,the executive’s will should not outweigh public interest as witnessed.

Our Assembly chamber has allegedly become a house of shame as the authority that is charged to bring order becomes dis~orderly. We have to adhere to the rule of law and be procedural as we discharge mandate.

A bill that originates from the County Development Commetee should go through participation forums for public scrutiny then to the Assembly and back to the PPFs before it is passed, assented and gazetted.

Neither the Governor nor the Speaker can veto a decision made on public interest so respect should be accorded to honorable members unto whom representation is bestowed.

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We should toe in line with the standing orders of the house and no penutive action should supercede the provisions of a remedy. The County Assembly as currently constituted is illegal,the 2/3 gender rule has not been impelemented in house commitees.

The county legislative chamber is marred with allegations of mis-use of public resources, dis-regard of women leadership and unfair treatment of nominated policy makers.

This is effected in fear monkering approach by intimidating MCAs who politically loyal to the majority party’s leadership at the expense of the Governor who is associated with the would~be
Minority party.

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It is evident that there is a protracted effort to selfishly waste public funds in a suggestive mannar to purnish nominated MCAs.

What’s the rationale of having regular sittings outside the County where the elected MCAs are accrued a sitting allowance of upto Sh.50,000 while the nominated lot in the same gathering don’t get anything? Are they not working like you or does their status change after we cross bounders? Again can matters Makueni be delt within the County or we in short of conference facilities?

Why can’t we buy services from our local merchants? This is the case that saw some MCAs evicted from a Mombasa hotel by their elected counterparts.

Makueni has become a banana republic and the big~man’s syndrome has hit us hard with PPFs allegedly becoming cash cows,cacoons of selected individuals lobbied and hired to endorse what their master wants at the expense of public interest. The Speakers office then pursues the matter and anyone who dares cross his path is allegedly purnished through denial of previlages.

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This cannot be healthy for the electorate and we can’t stop talking. If we don’t tell them this is wrong,who will.I obviously don’t want to get to the nitty gritties of why a nominated MCA was ejected from the house for questioning the lost independence while another is being ousted in a commitee for trolling the Governor in media over corruption.

The County leadership must stop this madness lest we dissolve the County for them to seek fresh mandate.

The writer is a political Analyst Mr Musoma JM.
(The Man Of Chronicles)