Makueni Senator Hon Mutula Junior Reflects Over Revenue Sharing Formula


By yoana kimwele.🐦

In the last few weeks, the country has witnessed a roller coaster drama on revenue allocation in the senate, thanks to the likes of Makueni senator hon Mutula Jnr and his colleagues who stood up for Kenya.

There was political regrouping, shouting to the power that is, singing, threats of prosecution for alleged default on taxes, pushing and shoving for the microphone.

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The dramatic gesturing from the rostrum, and arrests of senators to defeat the bill.

At the centre of it all, was the Speaker of the Senate hon Kenneth Lusaka who, with each passing moment, looks more clueless and unable to offer progressive leadership.

There have also been the unintended outcomes—one of which is high-level constitutional education on revenue sharing and how the senate works.

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According to Makueni Senator, he wrote “Formula done. County revenue allocation is done. Cash disbursement is done. It was not in vain. We haggled, shouted at one another, causing a ruckus, Issued threats et al. In the end, We all emerged Victoriously -No county will be disadvantaged. I am proud 🇰🇪👊🏽