Makueni MCAs Threatens to kick Kitui out of SEKEB, The regional block…



Makueni MCAs has called upon Ukambani leadership to end the fued which is being orchestrated by wiper MCAs from kitui county, The MCAs spoke on the impeachment of Kitui Treasury CEC Mary Nguli based on malicious allegations which have been baselessly leveled against her because she comes from Makueni county.

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In a bid to settle political scores, Members of the Kitui County Assembly moved to irregularly and unprocedurally impeach the CECM Treasury in blatant abuse of the Constitution, County Government Act and their own standing orders, “With calls to the constitutional bodies to tame MCAs who keep threatening Governors across the country with an Impeachment Motions should the county boses fail to sing their Tune

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“Saying that its a threat to South Eastern Kenya Economic Block unity and the peaceful coexistence between Kitui ,Machakos and Makueni counties.

Constitutionally 70% of employees in any County Government can be locals from that specific county whereas 30% can be employed from other counties, Kitui Treasury CEC Mary Nguli comes from Makueni County, whereas Makueni Finance CEC Mary Kimanzi comes from Kitui..

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